Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Squeak! New Car!

Well, I've had my Kia for almost 5 years now, but I haven't driven it for over 2 weeks! I was having some issues with a soft clutch peddle, so I replaced the clutch master and slave cylinder.... still broken. I know what's wrong with it but I swear I won't bore anyone with the details. I don't have the time or want to put any more money into this car. It is not the car I wanted and I was pushed into buying it in the first place. I made the best of it over the years, painting it pink and all but it was time for a new car. This time I got what I wanted dammit! 
On Sunday Chris and I went out to look at a few cars that I found online. One was a white '97 VW Cabrio. When we got there, there were giant gashes in the top and the interior was shit. None of those issues were listed in the ad. Shade. The 2nd one was a dark green '98 VW Jetta. The whole thing was shit, the photo in the ad looked really nice and had the VW logo on the grill. The logo was missing when we got there. Whatevs. The last car we went to look at was a black '99 VW Cabrio. It was listed as "in great shape, with a new vinyl top." This was the car I wanted. I really wanted a GTI, but something similar to a Rabbit was golden. (I wish I still had my '81 Rabbit. pout, pout). The car drives nicely, and there are little to no cosmetic issues. The interior is leather.... a bit ripped up but nothing a can't cover with a seat cover. Besides, the seats are what my sister and I call "sweaty-butt seats." Plus, since it's a convertible they get really hot in the sun. Ouch. I burned my fanny today! The front power windows need new motors, good thing I came in under my budget.

In case you can't tell I am SO excited. I feel like I'm shedding one more awful memory of my ex and finally getting back into a car I like. One problem. This car is an automatic. Do you know the last time I drove an automatic? I can't remember. Years. So yep, there is already a hole stomped in the floor where the clutch peddle should be. Whoops!



  1. What a cute little thing!!!!! Congrats on the new ride - I should really learn to drive a stick...

    - Lindsay

  2. Those are cute 'lil cars! I love your blog, btw. Super adorable. :)

    xo, Samantha

  3. Lindsay, thanks! You should learn to drive them. Honestly, I think they are far more fun to drive :)

  4. Samantha- Thanks for stopping by and commenting!Have a lovely week <3

  5. Awww! Nice, how fun :) New cars are always fun and exciting! Congrats!

  6. Aww how nice... I would love to have a pink car! lol... Love the feeling when you get a new car, everything is brand new and it makes you feel so proud to be the owner :D


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