Sunday, February 27, 2011

The show is going to the flea market!

The boyfriend and I were at the Wagon Wheel flea market in Pinellas Park yesterday and I decided it's worth a try renting a space for a weekend. I've gotten lots of looks on Etsy and Storenvy but so far no takers. I think I might have a little luck at the flea market. It might even be a confidence booster.....or buster. I won't be going for another 2 weeks or so, but I'll blog about it later.

The macaw feathers came in yesterday morning. I got them cleaned up and went to work on them.

So far, my favorite is the little red one on the end. I'm not sure if I'm going to put any of these up in the shop yet. If anyone is interested in buying though, let me know. I think I'm going to focus on having pieces made for the flea market for now.


Friday, February 25, 2011

Hey! New rings up in the shop!

I put 8 rings up in the shop just now! Here are just a few. I also have a gold bow, a larger black bow and a heart listed. Clicking on any of the photos will take you right to the shop.


Better pictures from last night!

As promised, here are some better pictures of the earring and clip I made yesterday. Also, the ring bases came into! Some of them anyway, so check out my Storenvy shop for those a little later today. I'm going to make a few roses too. On to pictures!


(Definitely click and make these pictures biGGer!)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Peacock feathers and pink hair!

I finally got around to finishing the piece with the pink synthetic hair. I made it a clip instead of an earring because who really has hot pink hair coming from their ears? Right. I also got around to finishing the peacock earring I started last week too. I found some pheasant feathers today with pretty blues and greens in them. I'll post a bad picture of the hair clip tonight, but i will post better ones tomorrow when Ican take pictures of it in natural lighting. I'm posting pictures of the peacock earring tonight, but I'm taking different pictures of it to list on storenvy tomorrow. (You'll see why.)


(Click images to view larger, it's fun)

As you can see, when I take pictures inside I don't have a lot of options to hand earrings from. I really don't want to post pictures like that in my shop. The blog is even pushing it! That is going to have to change. Why do I have a few empty beer bottles on the window sill in the kitchen? I like their labels! So be to check my shop tomorrow for these newest editions and look for me on Facebook!

Today's agenda! (and mail)

1. Check the mail

2. Organize the tables in the kitchen so I have homework and work space today. (we have 2, one for dinner, the other is small and round & functions as my desk. We chucked my desk when I moved in with Chris, no room!)

3. Halfway through organizing the tables run and check the mail if the box was empty the first time.

4. Homework first! I have a bit of Spanish to do and I have to revise my essay for Brit Lit then drive it downtown tomorrow and find my prof.'s office (again) and turn it in. I have some reading for my other Brit Lit class but since I'm a slacker I'll wait until the last minute.

5. Check the mail on the way out the door to Michael's. That is only if the box was empty the  first 2 times. I have to pick up black leather lacing for the peacock feathers I'll be using today.

**************going to check the mail***********************

(nothing yet!)

6. Start putting feathers together!

So, why check the mail so much? I'm expecting a few packages, even though they were shipped only yesterday. Somehow I think the more i check the box, the faster they'll get here. Shut up. I'm excited. hahaha

The first batch of ring bases I ordered are on a tug boat from China. Boooo So yesterday I found someone in the states selling them. They're a slightly different style but they will work just fine. They should be here tomorrow or Saturday. (I'll still check the box even after the mail has been delivered)

What do I do when there is no mail? I tell myself "no news is good news!) then I pout for a few minutes until something shiny catches my eye. Have fun today!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bad links!

It was brought to my attention today that some of my links in my blog posts did not work! How did I find this out? Someone on twitter said my etsy link on twitter didn't work. That got me think' "what if all my Etsy links were bad everywhere?" Sure enough, they were!

Everything is fixed now and I am back to studying for my mid-term in 1.5 hours. Ahhhhh!!!




(I only need 3 more 'likes' on facebook and that mess at the end of the url will go away. My own vanity url, huzzah!)

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience!

P.S. I bet the materials to finish my rings will be here soon!

UPDATE! I finally made it over the 25 'likes' hump on facebook. You can find my page at facebook Also, the link above still work. I just thought I'd gush a little!

UPDATE! I got an 82 (B) on that mid-term!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I was sooo lazy today

I was supposed to study and work on a paper, but instead I putzed around and made an earring. I posted it along with a pair of earrings on Storenvy. TaDa!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Pieces from the last 2 days

Yesterday and today I made 3 new pieces that I put up on Storenvy.

I still haven't played with the pink synthetic hair yet. I had something else to say and I absolutely cannot remember what it was! *sigh* Anyway be sure to check out the shop and also take a peek I what I've got goin' on over at Etsy. Like I've said before, the 5 items on etsy will be there until they sell or the listing expires (then they will move to storenvy. Or the garbage because if they were up for 3 months and no one wanted them... just kidding)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I can't read numbers!

How about that! I spend all my time reading, reading and reading beautiful works of literature and I can't read a stinkin' number! When I ordered the cockateil feathers I didn't read the description completely. I read the words and skipped over the numbers! I received two of them (that part I got right) but I was expecting them to be at least twice the size they are... 1 7/8" inches! Not even 2 inches!

The first thought that came to my silly head was, "Dang! That bird must be a teacup bird or something!" Then I remembered birds are teacup sized anyway. Hahaha

I'd google the bird to see how big they are but I don't feel like giving myself the willies over it. (Birds,  eeeck!) I just always thought those big, scary birds they have out at the pet stores were cockateils.

Oh, well. The tiny feathers are still usable! Then, I ripped open the other package that came in today thinking it had my macaw feathers in it (and I would be ecstatic because that means they were shipped earlier than expected) and there was a stinkin' camera strap. Not for me! Anyhoo, back to work! I'm starting a paper on Shelley's Frankenstein and one of Blake's poems.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Good news! I'm posting a ring!

I found a ring base mixed in with some other supplies, so I put together a ring for the Storenvy shop. I chose the red rose because it is classic. Hopefully very soon I'll have a lot more colors and designs up (just waiting on those ring bases!)

By the way, from now on I will be posting new items in the Storenvy shop. I'm really starting to get the hang of it and almost prefer it. I do still have 5 items in the Etsy shop and they will stay there until they sell or the listing expires (I'll let everyone know when that happens). So be sure to check that out. Night!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sneaky peaky!

Here's a sneak peak into what went down in the lab tonight:

So we've got some bows, a rose, a little piece of candy and yes those are donuts. Easier to tell they're donuts when you've got 'em in your hot little hands. Speaking of...

No ring bases yet. Silly me ordered them from China.... uh oh! Of course I only ordered them today but I think I might be hunting some more down that I can get my hands on faster. So if you really want one (and I can do any color) let me know and I will FIND a way to get your order out. These aren't going in the shop yet so please comment or leave me a post on facebook.

Working on hearts and strawberries next! Oh, and I have Macaw feathers on the way, so look out!

I had a fun idea today...

I'm going to experiment with  adding hot pink along with the feathers into a few earrings. The plan is to use synthetic hair extensions. You know the little clip in ones from Claire's? Yep, those. That might be cute, huh? I'll post pictures of course.

Tonight is Glee night! I'm definitely going to work on some rings while I'm watching. Also ring bases are in the mail so look for rings up in the shops early next week!

Etsy & Storenvy

Monday, February 14, 2011

Warning: this post contains bird(s)

..and is not for the weak of heart (like me... I hate birds. *shudders*) We went to Boyd Hill park on Sunday afternoon and walked all over the place. We even saw an alligator (about 2.5-3ft)! I'll only post one birdie picture because I don't want to turn this post into a horror show. This guy looked right at me when I called him:

The end. Haha not really stay tuned for my next post... different subject!

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Polynesian

Last Saturday Chris and I decided to go to Disney to see Toon Town and ride Snow White's Scary Adventures before they were closed forever. We went to our favorite "relax before the park" spot and took a few pictures.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

New earrings up!

Phew! I've been a busy lady today. Since my feathers came in I've been working! I finished one piece that I started a few nights ago and put together 2 completely new pieces. For you're viewing pleasure:

All 3 are up in my shop on Etsy.

Huzzah! Guess what?!?

Yep. My feathers came in today! I'm still trying to get the photos I took this morning emailed out and it is taking forever. While Gmail is cooking I have time to show off my new materials.

Aren't the pretty? So much prettier in person. *sigh*

Hahaha I love teasing the cat. He was napping. I know, "quit yakking and get to work on those earrings!"

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Slow feathers and fast cars...

I know I only ordered my new feathers on Sunday night, but I've been checking the mailbox like a mad-woman! I'm really excited and I'm hoping that once I get more things made they might get noticed. I also opened a shop at Storenvy. I don't have anything listed yet (waiting on my new feathers!) but you can find my shop at

These are just some of the pretties I ordered

On another note... have you ever had to jump out of a plane without feeling confident you could open your own chute? Well, I for one haven't but it's going to  feel like that Thursday morning. I've been learning digital photography at my own pace and my lovely boyfriend has been very patient teaching me. Every year he goes out and shoots the Honda Grand Prix in St. Petersburg, this year he was asked to cover the "construction kick-off" ground-breaking/ribbon cutting thingy. Since he works Mon-Fri, 8-5 he can't be there. Guess who has to fill in. Yep, me. I'm sure I'll be fine, I'm just used to having him behind me telling me, "Hey! change your shutter speed!" I'll probably feel better this evening once I know exactly what I'm supposed to do (besides hold a camera, look pretty and take pretty pictures). Ack!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Etsy shop opened!

I decided to go ahead and open a shop on I've had an account for some time, but I wanted a different user name so I opened a second account. I've had all of my jewelry building stuff out for about a week now. I always make pieces and keep them for myself or give them away or...lose them. I've lost a lot of the bobbles the I've made. So I decided to start selling some things. Why not? I'm a full-time student and every little bit helps. So, back to making earrings and such! I'll post again whenever I have somethings up in the shop :)

Look for me at:

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cats hate water. Ask me how I know.

I bathed all the animals with fur in the house today... ahahaha 2 of my 3 ferrets swim like otters in the bathtub and both of the cats hate my guts more and more each minute they are in the tub. The ferrets got their baths first and they dry pretty quick but I managed to snap pics of the drenched and angry kitties.

This is Cheetara, she went first...

This is Cinque, he went next. He's easier to rinse because he does not have a tail.

I really don't like bathing the cats. They make it so miserable! I really can't understand why domestic cats are such chickens and wild cats swim all day. I think this time was the first time I have EVER bathed an animal and walked away unscathed. No scratches, bruises or bruised tail bones (don't ask).