Saturday, April 28, 2012

For the birds

This post was unplanned and super spur of the moment:

I was just out in the laundry room switching around some clothes. I could hear rain outside the back door. It's Florida in April, so this is normal.

I came in from sun bathing  just in time.

What am I getting at? Something I wish I would have heard sooner. Something I wish I would have listened to sooner.

The birds were singing. In the rain.

Ok, I've had 2 raspberry vodka lady drinks but sometimes that's what it takes to get my best ideas to make it to my finger tips.

So, the birds are singing in the rain. Hell, it's thundering out there, too!

So, if the birds can sing in the rain, then why can't I? When everything has gone to shit, there's got to be something to be thankful for.

Go sing.


Friday, April 20, 2012

Not much...

to say around here. I'm chugging away at school work with 2 weeks left! I have a good little start on that research paper I was crying about awhile ago. My 2 group projects are in the "last bit of planning" stages.

I feel busier than ever right now.

I also feel like I'm standing on the edge of a really big cliff right now.

I'm closing a big chapter in my life soon and I haven't starting writing a draft for the next. Here's to hoping I get through it!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Reality Check!

Oh, whoops! I typed that title 20 minutes ago. I got caught up with twitter and a fellow blogger's story on how she met her husband.

Here's the deal, I'm a month and 5 days away from graduation. I am 32 days and a wake up from graduating with my BA in Literature.

(As I type, there is a cat fighting to find his footing behind me on the back of my chair)

I have one last research paper to write. The subject? History. Did you see that my major is in LITERATURE?

I'm just grand at history as it pertains to literature, but the history of sexuality? I'm so lost! All I can think about is the time Helen slammed the door on Arthur's face in The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. So racy! So unheard of for a woman of that time to deny her husband! How about Shakespeare and all of his bawdy language? Or how Adam and Eve ravished each other in Milton's Paradise Lost after having eaten from the Tree of Knowledge?

I feel like we've had this talk.

I'd really like to write about fetishism, perhaps even Sadomasochism. Why? Because all of the readings I have done on these subjects are completely different form the way they are portrayed in the media and in pop culture.

This paper is due the last Thursday in April... in 23 days. I'm really good at working under pressure but I'm already feeling anxiety's sick grip on my stomach as I type. I can chose any topic as long as it relates to gender studies and/or sexuality. I also have to chose a time in history that effected or was affected by the topic. For example: how prostitution was affected by the printed pornography during the Victorian era.

That actually sounds like a good topic. The Romantic Period is my absolute fave but a close second is the Victorian era. Did you know that Pornography was the most popular (purchased and read) form on literature during that time? And now you know.

If you have stuck through this entire post PLEASE just make one bitsy comment that you are still here. I would love to know how many of you can get through these stuffy school posts. I promise that after I graduate I will write more about fun books, rather than old books. Or I will find a way to make the old books fun! Love ya!


*** I am not a fan of pornography or the objectification of women (or men) of any kind. These ideas and topics are strictly for academic purposes. Besides, Victorian era pornography? Hey baby, lemme see dat knee cap.... but really. I am purely interested in the history... not repeating it.

****Random catstgrams? To keep my readers who are not interested in school/literature/history of sexuality interested. Hey, everyone likes something different.