Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Goodbye Sundae

Know what this blog has been good for? Writing about everything with no clear direction. I have given myself and others whiplash with all of the different things I tried to do, which is why I've decided I need a fresh start. I'll leave this blog here for the times when I feel like I need a reminder to get back on track. Plus, you never really delete your first blog, do you?*** I have more energy to write these days but there is no focus around here and it's overwhelming. When I find a place I can focus, I'll write. Until then, here are the high-lights:

My Proposal Story

Who likes Apple Pie? 

Guinness Cottage Pie

For now I'll keep up with Hello Sundae on the twitters and the IGs. I changed it all back after my "identity crisis" was over, but I still fell restless and I feel like the silly screen name is just another chapter in the book, you know? Anyhoo, goodbye-not-goodbye.

***Actually, I did delete my first blog and I wish I hadn't. I wrote during a really hard time in my life and deleted it for fear that the person abusing me would find it. Looking back, I feel like pressing delete was cowardly and I should have left it for others to learn from my experience. No matter how bad I feel about deleting the blog though, I can't beat myself up for it because I have been abused enough for one life time.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Blog's still dead.

I just popped by because I had a few thoughts, but I'm not sure I want to post yet because my blog isn't pretty. I took away the old elements and posted a photo. Sure the photo is coming up on it's 1st birthday, but I was comfortable when I took it. I'm holding one of my babies and a glass of wine. There is a basket of laundry and crappy holiday decorations in the background. Homey, huh? That's really it for now. I'll look at this blog again later and decide if I'm ready to be serious.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Hey guys

This blog is a little dead and neglected, isn't it? I think I'm ready to come back. A lot hasn't happened, so there really is nothing to catch up on. Maybe a few things here and there but I'll get to those as I think of them.

Chris and I are making plans for our 1st wedding anniversary (in 1 week), so there's that.

I took a 3 week break from drinking. My liver has finished respawning (I think/hope).

Yes, I had a minor identity crisis on the twitters and IGs. I'm hello sundae again. I don't really remember why I picked this name anymore and I can't really find another one that feels like "me," so there it is. I should change my screen names to Ribbon Dancer or Cider Gal or Machine Gun Jenny. I like the last one.

In reality, I have been dealing with an existential crisis. Who isn't?! HA! But really. I'm still looking for a path in a dense forest. I see bits of light, but none bright enough to guide the way.

With that said, I don't really have a direction for this blog either. I never really did, I just tried to be everything and I didn't like anything I was doing. I like to just write, I guess. Reading a few posts back, I liked the ones where I just wrote about my day.

Speaking of days, have you been to an Old Navy for $1 flip-flop day? I was the closing manager that day. It was non-stop nuts! A dollar for flip-flops is a deal, but not for the ones we sell. Maybe the ones from 7 or 8 years ago, but not the ones we carry now.

Old vs New

Old- wider soles, wider/flexible straps, and smooth sole.
New- narrow sole, skinny/rigid straps, and a bumpy weird sole.

Another thing? Not as important because it has nothing to do with comfort, but the brown flippy is a size 7, the green one is a size 6. The only difference in the size/shape is that the green one has a rounded toe and the brown one... well look at the photo. The brown one's big toe part is about a 1/4 inch longer than the green one. That 1/4 inch would only be necessary if you have an extra long big toe.


Pay no mind to the state of the green flippy. It's ancient. 10 years is a long life for a pair of flip-flops. 10 years and still kickin!

One thing that hasn't changed? The "new flip-flop" smell. I love it. When asked during my interview 2 years ago why I wanted to come back to the company my answer was, "I miss the sweet smell of new flip-flops, fresh from the box." My interviewer was surprised/disgusted/frightened and I think she moved to Cali a month later because I was too insane to work with.

Tangent Alllllllllert! I clearly have strong feelings for flip-flops. Being a Floridian it isn't really that odd.

That's quite enough babble for now.