Saturday, April 28, 2012

For the birds

This post was unplanned and super spur of the moment:

I was just out in the laundry room switching around some clothes. I could hear rain outside the back door. It's Florida in April, so this is normal.

I came in from sun bathing  just in time.

What am I getting at? Something I wish I would have heard sooner. Something I wish I would have listened to sooner.

The birds were singing. In the rain.

Ok, I've had 2 raspberry vodka lady drinks but sometimes that's what it takes to get my best ideas to make it to my finger tips.

So, the birds are singing in the rain. Hell, it's thundering out there, too!

So, if the birds can sing in the rain, then why can't I? When everything has gone to shit, there's got to be something to be thankful for.

Go sing.


1 comment:

  1. This is brilliant. We should all sing our little song, no matter what!


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