Sunday, September 9, 2012

Trying to be patient...

but it's tough! Two weeks. 14 days.... until Autumn. I cannot wait. Fall is my favorite season for several reasons and surprisingly my birthday is not the most important reason. While my birthday does fall on the eve of the best holiday of the year (ahem, Halloween), my favorite parts of the season is are as follows: the colors, the weather, the fashion, the treats, pumpkin spice latt├ęs, the changes in nature, the giant shipments of fleece that will soon plague my workplace, pumpkin beer, the lack of side eyes at my year-round lust for pumpkin pie, pumpkin candles.... starting to see a trend?

I'm not one of those people suddenly into pumpkin stuff in the last 2 years because of it's popular on twitter and instagram. I think it's cute to watch the trends fly by.... some of them I will admit to buying into while others have been in my back pocket since I was little. Side tracked... this post is tagged as "free write" so I suppose it's ok.

Back to pumpkins.

 I like to carve pumpkins on my birthday. It's sort of a tradition I started for myself as an adult. After having years of shitty birthdays growing up I decided that if I had to get old, I may as well start liking the day it happens. I'm still trying to decide what I want to carve into my pumpkin this year, but I guess there's still time.

I've also been thinking lately that because I live in Florida, I'm being cheated out of all that Autumn has to offer. I would love for the palm trees to change colors! I do love that I can grab a coffee with my sweety, bundle up and head out to the beach to watch the sunset. The breeze off the gulf is extra crisp in the fall and winter months.

Did I mention that I love how the upcoming season gives me an excuse to wear boots everyday?


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