Saturday, July 27, 2013

Hey guys

This blog is a little dead and neglected, isn't it? I think I'm ready to come back. A lot hasn't happened, so there really is nothing to catch up on. Maybe a few things here and there but I'll get to those as I think of them.

Chris and I are making plans for our 1st wedding anniversary (in 1 week), so there's that.

I took a 3 week break from drinking. My liver has finished respawning (I think/hope).

Yes, I had a minor identity crisis on the twitters and IGs. I'm hello sundae again. I don't really remember why I picked this name anymore and I can't really find another one that feels like "me," so there it is. I should change my screen names to Ribbon Dancer or Cider Gal or Machine Gun Jenny. I like the last one.

In reality, I have been dealing with an existential crisis. Who isn't?! HA! But really. I'm still looking for a path in a dense forest. I see bits of light, but none bright enough to guide the way.

With that said, I don't really have a direction for this blog either. I never really did, I just tried to be everything and I didn't like anything I was doing. I like to just write, I guess. Reading a few posts back, I liked the ones where I just wrote about my day.

Speaking of days, have you been to an Old Navy for $1 flip-flop day? I was the closing manager that day. It was non-stop nuts! A dollar for flip-flops is a deal, but not for the ones we sell. Maybe the ones from 7 or 8 years ago, but not the ones we carry now.

Old vs New

Old- wider soles, wider/flexible straps, and smooth sole.
New- narrow sole, skinny/rigid straps, and a bumpy weird sole.

Another thing? Not as important because it has nothing to do with comfort, but the brown flippy is a size 7, the green one is a size 6. The only difference in the size/shape is that the green one has a rounded toe and the brown one... well look at the photo. The brown one's big toe part is about a 1/4 inch longer than the green one. That 1/4 inch would only be necessary if you have an extra long big toe.


Pay no mind to the state of the green flippy. It's ancient. 10 years is a long life for a pair of flip-flops. 10 years and still kickin!

One thing that hasn't changed? The "new flip-flop" smell. I love it. When asked during my interview 2 years ago why I wanted to come back to the company my answer was, "I miss the sweet smell of new flip-flops, fresh from the box." My interviewer was surprised/disgusted/frightened and I think she moved to Cali a month later because I was too insane to work with.

Tangent Alllllllllert! I clearly have strong feelings for flip-flops. Being a Floridian it isn't really that odd.

That's quite enough babble for now.

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