Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Goodbye Sundae

Know what this blog has been good for? Writing about everything with no clear direction. I have given myself and others whiplash with all of the different things I tried to do, which is why I've decided I need a fresh start. I'll leave this blog here for the times when I feel like I need a reminder to get back on track. Plus, you never really delete your first blog, do you?*** I have more energy to write these days but there is no focus around here and it's overwhelming. When I find a place I can focus, I'll write. Until then, here are the high-lights:

My Proposal Story

Who likes Apple Pie? 

Guinness Cottage Pie

For now I'll keep up with Hello Sundae on the twitters and the IGs. I changed it all back after my "identity crisis" was over, but I still fell restless and I feel like the silly screen name is just another chapter in the book, you know? Anyhoo, goodbye-not-goodbye.

***Actually, I did delete my first blog and I wish I hadn't. I wrote during a really hard time in my life and deleted it for fear that the person abusing me would find it. Looking back, I feel like pressing delete was cowardly and I should have left it for others to learn from my experience. No matter how bad I feel about deleting the blog though, I can't beat myself up for it because I have been abused enough for one life time.

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