Thursday, August 23, 2012

The sun sets on another year...

Last night Chris and I headed out to the beach, coffees and cake pops in tow, to watch the last sunset of his 20's.
I don't know if it's the smell of the salty air that I love so much, or the fact that everyone looks so damn good in the glowing sunlight, but I think I fell for him a little more.
The weather was perfect. Balmy, but not enough to remember that it was August in Florida. It was breezy, but not enough that my long, red hair was blown around into what could have been a seagull's nest.
I suppose if I were turning 30, last night would have been a pretty good last hurrah. Well, maybe if there had been champagne.... but I'm not turning 30 and he's not crazy about champagne.

Tonight I'm taking him out to dinner and I'm going to do my best to be, well... I don't know. I guess, sensitive? My 30th will also be my golden birthday, therefore, I'm sure I will be in the mood to party for a week. How am I going to be sensitive? Well, for starters I'm going to wear heels and I'm not going to wear lipstick...
Happy Birthday, Darling.


  1. Glad you guys had a good birthday celebration, looks like so much fun :)

  2. Heels? You are going to wear heels? That doesn't happen too often, does it??

    Love you!!

    Aunt Jenny


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