Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Obsessed Woman

Last post? About my hair. Half of my tweets over the last 2 months? My hair. Instagram? My dog and my hair.

You know, the more I look at it, the more frustrated I get. I had it cut on a Wednesday and went back in the following day to have the cut fixed. Looking back, I was an idiot. I shouldn't have had to go back a second time. I also probably should not have gone back to the same person. What part of "short pixie" was I unclear about? I even had photos! Sure, my hair has never been this short, but that doesn't mean I need to look like Kris Jenner/ Willem Defoe while I'm deciding if short is for me. I'm pretty sure I decided what I wanted before walking into the salon.

My hair is difficult to style at this awkward-ass length! I want my hair to be cute and actually look like a pixie, like this little lady right here. I found her how-to-style video on youtube and I just can't wait to have my mop fixed. Until then, I'm just googling away at ways to do my hair in the morning so it doesn't look like I have an old lady-too-blind-to-see-her-terrible-hair hair cut.

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