Saturday, November 10, 2012

November already?

Here we go, it's been over a month. Over half of that time was spent without a laptop charger. No laptop means no blogging. I'm not a fan of blogging from my phone and I kept getting error codes on the iPad.

These excuses stink.

As soon as I realized that one of my wee beasties devoured my laptop cord, dozens of post ideas flooded my brain. I even started dreaming vividly again.... book writing vividly. My book files are only saved on my laptop. I think my brain is telling me that my mind races faster and more creatively without the internet killing off brain cells before they have become useful. Thank goodness I don't have a facebook! I think my brain cells would go even faster...

Not much has happened over the last month. Work has gotten busier, which is good. More customers equal more hours to give associates equals more people on the sales floor. Think of that next time you're in a store and can't find anyone to help you. If business is sucking, everyone suffers. I overheard a woman bitching about the size of the line at work last night. Her solution? "They need to hire more people!" There were 3 registers open and only 2 people in the actual line ahead of the grouchy customer. End work rant.

Sometimes I really wish I could live tweet a typical shift at work.

Also, my blog looks like crap. I can finally work on that now. I have the entire weekend off work.
Happy Veteran's Day to me.

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  1. I love your blog! It's cute without being cutesy, and it's minimalist.

    Also: I feel your pain. I hate people, so naturally I'm in sales. Isn't that just how it always works?!


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