Thursday, November 29, 2012

Almost a week later...

I made it! I made it through Black Friday and I am alive! Generally, I work later on in the day on Black Friday, when all the crazies are sleeping. This was my first time ever working in the AM hours when the store first opens.

Yes. I barfed.

Not gonna lie, I had an anxiety attack in the bathroom after watching people run into the mall from the safety of the second floor of my store.

After I shakily emerged from the bathroom, I was surprised at how nice the customers that I came in contact with were. I don't particularly want to dwell on the negatives because we would all have flashbacks.

I was only in the store for 2 hours after it opened because the rest of my shift was spent working the previous evening on Thanksgiving... putting up the sale signs for the crazies. I spent those two hours walking around helping customers while twisting, stretching, and wrapping a flannel scarf around my hands.

 I should have bought that scarf, I think it may be lucky.

All in all it went well, but next year there will be whiskey. I mean  gooooood whiskey.

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