Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Basin --A Teensy Review

Last weekend I went to Magic Kingdom with my nephew. It was his first time and he is 5. He had tons of fun and professed his love for Uncle Chris and Aunt Jenny on the car ride home with his Mommy, my sister. After the park that night I was also able to pop into Basin, a bath and body store at Downtown Disney. I'd walked past it so many times, but lately I have been in too much of a rush to get somewhere that I don't have time to stop in. You see, I don't go to Downtown Disney to mosey around like most, as a park passholder, I only go there when I need something specific. For example, I went on Saturday night because I was getting Mickey ears embroidered for my nephew. We forgot to get them at the park earlier and he really wanted them. After getting his ears, I stopped in Basin for a look around.

Basin, like Lush is one of those stores you can smell half a mile away. Basin is much bigger than any of the Lush stores I've been in though, but it carries the same sort of items. Chemical and paraben-free and no animal testing. I'm in. They had mounds of bath bombs and cakes of soap. I was attracted to the shampoo bars, the pumpkin one to be exact. Their products are competitively priced with Lush, being a little cheaper.

I picked up a few bath bombs as well. I have already used the shampoo and it is wonderful. It lathers surprisingly well for a solid shampoo. I also used one of the bath bombs yesterday after my unsurprisingly shitty day at work. It was super fizzy and fragrant. As some may know, Trinket does not let me take baths in peace. She cries and whines until I put her in the water, too. Today Trinket's fur still smells like the Vanilla Oak bomb I used (teehee).

This post is by no means, a comparison between Lush and Basin. I'm simply using Lush as an example because most people are familiar with it.

I plan on sticking my head in this shop again! Also, Happy Independence Day!


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