Friday, March 4, 2011

big plans for sunday...

Alright, then! I'm headed to the flea market sooner than I thought. I'll be at the Wagon Wheel in Pinellas Park on Sunday. I decided to go ahead and rent a booth. Chris will be out of town for an exotic car event that day and I'll be all alone. I'd go along, but I'm not fond of the way the guy giving the event handled things with Chris. Don't get me within spitting distance!

Anyhoo, back to the flea market. I'll have a covered booth because there is a really good chance for rain. I think the next time I will definitely sell outside, weather permitting. The woman I spoke with on the phone said outside booths are where it's at! I just don't want to chance rain. Besides, if it rains where's everyone going to go? Inside. Haha just like Disney World. The best time EVER to get on busy rides is during the parades and when it's raining.


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