Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sundae Stroll- Remembering A Friend

So far today has been super lazy. I'm still in my pjs and I'm eating homemade pizza. Chris came home at 3am this morning. I had a post lined up with an update on the kitten but as some of you may know, the kitten has gone over the rainbow bridge.

He was playing with two of the ferrets on Friday evening and they got a little rough. Well, more than a little. Who the hell am I kidding!? Based on the bite marks the ferret was only playing. My ferrets bite each other in the same spot, but because they have tougher skin and thicker fur they don't hurt each other. I'm not sure which ferret it was and I don't want to know. I have a different kind of relationship with each of my ferrets and whichever one played too rough with the kitten didn't know what he or she was doing.

Either way, I feel like a horrible person. I was supposed to care for this kitten and protect him. He was only with me for less than a week, but I was in love. I planned to name him Totoro because of his big grey belly.

Baby kitty,
I'm really sorry. I love you.
I also threw out my back looking for him on Friday evening. So not only was work hard last night because I have to smile every minute of my shift, I also couldn't do my job very well. You bend a lot working retail. Good thing I was only at a register. I'm incredibly thankful that I was working with my friend Leah, she really helped me get through the evening. Actually, all of my managers were very supportive. 

I'm also very appreciative for everyone who had kind thoughts and sweet words on twitter and instagram over the last few days. Have a great rest of your week, friends.


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