Monday, March 19, 2012

No Blanks

Hey friends, I don't have blanks lined up for today. Lauren is a new mama and I can understand why some of her regularly scheduled posts have gone to the wayside lately. I say, "good for her!" The blanks will be here when she has posted prompts. In the mean time, you get to read my babble. Ready?

We gave the kitten a proper burial yesterday evening. It was sad and there was not a single dry eye between the two of us. He was buried facing the east at the foot of the biggest tree in our yard.

Spring Break is officially over. It will be the last one for me unless I teach or go back to grad school. Both are way up in the air. I did get some much needed time in at the beach. Now I remember why I have stayed in Florida, especially so close to the coast. I will be going to my sandy spot much more often, even if it's only for an hour or two. No matter how noisy it is there, I can clear my head. The sun came out an hour after I took this photo.
Like I said, I will be spending more time here.

This weekend is the Honda Grand Prix so it will be a little busy around here. Chris is covering the race and I will be driving him back and forth so he doesn't have to worry about parking. Guess who won't be donning a photo bib this year? This girl. Last year was exciting and I learned a lot, but photographing races really isn't for me. I like people a little better. I'm itching to spread my wings. Call me.

Anyhoo, I would love for everyone to have a great week. Stay beautiful, friends.

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