Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cadbury Egg Hunt!

Mmmmm.... Oh, hai! Just me. Oh, that stuff on my face? Just chocolate. When I came home from  school last night Chris surprised me with an egg hunt. As the title suggests, it was a Cadbury egg one. Mmmmm I was so excited! I love chocolate, and this reminded just how sweet Chris really is. One could even say sweeter than chocolate... Here's where I found them!

This was the first egg! On the book shelf!

The second egg... In the bedroom on my night stand.

The 3rd... my desk!

The last one was tricky. I even asked the girls. (Ferrets love small shiny objects. Mine are no exception.)

Found it! 4th egg! I was staring at it almost the whole time!

 It was behind Herbie!

Fun! Now, back to nom-nommin' my eggs. Have a great Friday-eve! xoxo

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