Wednesday, April 20, 2011

To USF and back

Holy cow! I decided to bike to school yesterday and it went well. I guess. It's a little more than 6 miles each way, so I logged about 12.5 miles when I finally got home for the day.
I had to stop about 1/2 way through on the way to school because I was feeling faint. Duh! I didn't eat! I arrived in exactly one hour. My legs were jelly walking up the stairs. haha
The ride home however was smooth sailing. I made it home in 50 minutes! Until after the first mile I felt like calling Chris and asking him to come fetch me. My ass literally hurt! The seat on the bike is like sitting on a fence. But.... I stuck it out.
I'm incredibly proud of myself and as gas prices rise I see myself repeating this adventure.
Can you believe I used to run 2 miles in 16 minutes flat?! I'll get there again.

Ps my hind quarters still hurt, but I feel pretty darn good.

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