Friday, April 1, 2011

Hooray for the weekend!

Even though this weekend is going to be another busy one, it's still a Saturday and a Sunday! Last weekend was the Honda Grand Prix and this weekend is Festivals of Speed. I'm not going to any of the events this time. I've had enough! This weekend while Chris is away photographing the events, I'lll be home with the cats, ferrets and homework. Oh, and a really leaky ceiling in the kitchen.

Yesterday we had really stormy weather. There were tornado warning/watches for the better part of the day. It hailed, rained sideways and howled a lot. See?

Also, yesterday, at the last minute I decided to Sponsor The Curious Pug blog. I have a small button on her page and all money received from April's sponsors is being donated to Santa Cruz Pugs. Hooray!

Happy Friday!

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