Monday, January 16, 2012

Fill in the Blanks Monday

The blanks are back! This was one of my favorite weekly posts so I'm back on the wagon!

1.   The last thing I ate was  frozen waffles with syrup.

2.   The last song I listened to was "Flux and Flow" by Lights. I'm going to her show in March here in St. Pete. I screamed when I found out she would be in town. <3

3.  Using the letters in my name I can spell (Jenny)...Jen, Jenn....ugh... not much.

4.  If I had to dress in one color for the rest of my life I would pick blue. I love pink but I'm not 6 anymore so it would get old. Blue of any shade is easier to wear everyday especially because most denim is blue. I need denim because I am "jeans and tshirt" girl, Most of my  shirts are blue. 

5.  If you were to look in my bag right now you'd find my planner, 3 different lip glosses, a cliff bar, wallet, receipts, perfume and keys. My bag is clean and small this week.

6.  When I finish filling in the blanks I'm going to to finish the laundry.

7.  My all time favorite song to dance to is "Safety Dance" by Men Without Hats. You have to dance to this song.

Prompts by Lauren

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