Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Sundae!

Well, instead of going on an adventure with Chris today I home doing school work. I really need prioritize so that I'm not stuck at home doing school stuff on the weekends. I was so motivated when I started 3 years ago, what happened?

Anyhoo, the ferrets are having a free-for-all today and it makes me really miss being able to let them free roam all the time.

 Chris and I went for tattoos last night. He decided to wait a few more days because he was running on an empty stomach and only a few hours of sleep. I did get mine and I'm going back with him when he gets his to have one teensy thing fixed.

I've never had words tattooed before (everything is spelled right, don't worry) so naturally when we got home we noticed that one of the letters looks a little funny. At first glance it looks like a 'u' that was either closed a little too much or a 'u' missing it's tail. Either way I'm positive Doc can fix it.

Chris watched when I got mine. I'm really proud to say that he isn't one of those guys who loses it after a little blood. I only bled a little and it didn't really hurt as much as you'd think. It just felt odd.

You know that fiendish feeling you get after getting a tattoo? The one where all you can think about is doing it again? What do I want next? Where do I want it? Can I afford it? Yep, I haz it.

The swelling and redness are gone but I'm going to wait to post any pictures until that pesky 'u' is fixed.

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