Monday, January 30, 2012

Sundae Stroll

Well, Chris and I spent half of this day in bed and the rest of it at Target. What the heck did we do that for? Well, we were both up until 5 am. He was watching the Rolex race and I was catching up on The Walking Dead. Let me tell you, that show is one helluva nail-biter. When we finally got up around 12:45 pm we showered and went over to his parents house. Well, we stopped at Starbucks first because I needed a fix. Then we went over to his parent's house to drop off a few things (those things were mainly apple cider Keurig cups that we found on clearance at Target 2 days ago).
After we left their house we went back to Target because I'm working on a care package for my bestie. We stopped to look at the Keurigs and uhhh...... who the heck needs a $100+ coffee maker?!?! I do. It really all started with the clearance cider cups we picked up for Chris's mom. The cider is so tasty and I needed it in my life. We opted for the Keurig Elite and bought the additional My K-cup. Does anyone else think of Diva Cups when they hear "K-cup?" I do. The 2 totally don't mix, but I can't help it. We got home around 9 pm and of course, had to taste everything. Chris is completely blitzed on caffeine at 1 am and says, "let's go take pictures!" So we were in the back yard light-painting with his car for and hour. We used a low shutter speed, but as fast as he was moving we didn't need it!
I picked up some awesome snacks today. Goldfish crackers and a big ol' tub of cheese puffs. Believe it or not, I have only eaten the 2 handfuls of puffs that I shoved in my mouth before Chris took the tub. I had a "desperate, must eat everything because no one loves me" flashback as I was shoving those precious orange puffs in my pie hole.
eyebrows? pshhhhh...

Anyhoo, that was our Sundae, how was yours?

Jacked up and on the Keurig wagon,
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