Monday, January 23, 2012

Fill in the Blanks Monday

Well, just when you thought the blanks were back they have been put on hold. The blanks come from The Little Things We Do blog and Lauren is skipping a week because she just gave birth to her little girl! I thought about going back a few weeks in her blanks to post one I hadn't answered but I thought it would make me look un-creative/not creative/can't think for myself (what evs). I can in fact come up with a pretty darned good post for this day on my own and here I go!

As some may know Chris and I are pretty big nerds and one of the biggest ways we show it is in our home "decor." Our house has vinyl toys everywhere. Heck, we probably have a few blind boxes that got missed during the rushed and ecstatic opening of toys on our many trips to get our toy fix. Sometimes when I'm super excited about a dunny (etc) that I opened and forget about the other 3 in the bag! For example: Chris and I went to the UO in Ybor a year ago and while picking out our blind boxes I stated that I wanted the Kathie Olivas chaser. Guess what I opened that day. Yep. That's happened a few times. ("May the odds be ever in your favor!") For the next 10 minutes I was stunned by my luck that I didn't open any of my other goodies! So I decided to do a few toy themed blanks of my own.
Fill in the blanks for the toy nerds:

1. What was your first vinyl toy? I bought my first toy at Vinyl Fever in Tampa. I bought a yellow and a grey Unicornasaurus.
2. Which toy is your favorite? Do you own it? My favorite is easily my collection of Big Sals. I really miss having a Super7 here in St. Pete.
3. What do you collect the most of? We actually have a lot of different kinds, but if you went through and counted, we probably have more Disney Vinylmation than anything.
4. Who is you favorite artist(s)? I love love love Amanda Visell and Joe Ledbetter.
5. If you're like me, your wishlist is pricey. Forget about the money for a minute: What is your "holy grail" of toys? What toy do absolutely adore and do not own? 1. I would leap at the chance to own any of Amanda Visell's concrete sculptures. 2. Frank Kozik's 'stache Labbit stool.
6. Are there any artists you would like to see make or collaborate on a toy? Yes! I would love to see what Danny Brito would come up with.

I know there are more toy lovers out there and I want to know about your collections! Write a post with your answers and link up!

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