Friday, June 24, 2011

I'm here!

Hey everyone! I imported all of my posts to Blogger today from Wordpress. I'm finding that everything I want is over here. I also felt a little isolated from the best part (with a few exceptions) of the blogging community. I'm working on getting everything comfy, so if anyone has any tips/tricks/advice, I'm all ears! Right now you can find me here at I'm working on switching everything over to my domain

Also....look! I have Google Friend Connect. This was a huge reason for switching. I could have upgraded my wordpress blog, but after looking into it (and remembering the hassle Chris put up with doing it) I decided to pack my bags. Why didn't I switch sooner? Someone else (who has not posted in years!) is using the name 'hellosundae.' Odd, right? I thought I'd invented it one late night back in March. Anyhoo, I sucked it up and added a hyphen. No one was using that one, so I am now.

I'm still @HelloSundae on twitter and my Etsy shop has remained the same. If I can't get my domain to work with blogger I'll set it so that it directs to my shop.

Hopefully everyone has great plans for this evening. Please be patient with my Hello Sundae is underconstruction!

Please ignore this next bit...
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  1. What a beautiful header photo! Did you take it? I hope you're having a lovely day - even if it is raining! :)

  2. I did, thanks! There's a giant tree by the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Pete, Fl with gorgeous red flowers.

  3. I hope you enjoy Blogger! I find it easy to use yet sometimes quirky...

  4. Cool! Welcome to Blogger! I've used it off and on throughout the years and really like it. My main blog right now is actually over at Squarespace, but I'm thinking of switching back. I always seem to come back to Blogger -- they just seem to have everything I want, and in a much easier-to-use format!


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