Wednesday, June 8, 2011

This is what school is doing to me...

I've been back in school now for 9 semesters straight. I only have 2 more left to finish my BA. I can't stop and take a break because of my GI Bill and I think if I took a semester off I might spread my wings too far for them to ever fit through a classroom door again. I'll be looking for work in a week or so because I only have 1 class for July and August and my classes in the Fall are crammed into 2 days. The rest of the time before Fall classes start I need to rest my brain. Don't expect any intellectually profound posts either. Fun stuff only.

"My paper: check quotes, cover memo, works cited, mark up paper with comments... what the reader should get out of the quotes and ideas. Thesis, transitions, intro/conclusions, punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, keep eccentricities of authors prose. Explain funny spelling to the reading in comments. I could never be an lol cat. "this" and "these" are pronouns. Verbs are the strong part of the sentence, adjectives are less strong. Do semi colon post. I am so tired of pretending to be smart."

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