Monday, May 9, 2011

Teapots and toys

Today has been pretty good! It started out way too early though. I had to have some blood work done. My appointment was at 830am, but I got in early and was home by 830. I snuggled back into bed for a little... ok.... a lot. It's technically my summer break so it's ok. For lunch/dinner Chris and I went to the Taco Bus in St. Pete. I had the vegan tempeh quesadilla. YUM. Afterwards we went to Daddy Kool for a few new toys. We each bought a BFF blind box.

I got the cupcake!!!! It was exactly the one I wanted. This was not the first time I got exactly what I wanted out of a blind box! Chris got the little hamburger one.

After Daddy Kool we decided to pop into Goodwill, just to have a look. I picked up a corning ware casserole dish and these:

I'm a little sad that I couldn't find the last one, but at least I was lucky enough to find the ones I did... at .75 cents each!

Then we went over to the other Goodwill, not to find the other measuring cup, but just to see what was what. I found this super awesome teapot. It is in great shape and adorable.... $3.

Also, last night I finished the blanket I've been working on. I'll post pictures later. Happy Monday! xoxo


  1. Love that teapot! What a cute find! :)

  2. I'm always afraid to buy blind boxes. I don't want to take the risk of getting something I don't want. Maybe I'll give 'em a try now! Oh, and I can't wait to see your blanket!!

  3. I've bought tons of blind boxes and gotten duplicates or ones I just wasn't crazy for. Luckily there is always someone out there to trade with! I've also customized a few that no one wanted. haha


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