Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fatty, fatty 2-by-4

There I go again with those nasty thoughts about myself! Am I ever going to learn how unproductive they are? They really are energy zappers. I decided last night something has got to change. No more pop. Only tea, coffee, water and a little wine. More yogurt. Back to taking my vitamins. I need to start eating actual meals, not just grazing until dinner. I am not a cow, I need to stop acting like one. V8--lots of it, but without vodka (only once in a while). Since running isn't the best option for me (damn knees) my bicycle has been a good friend that I need to and will hang out with even more often.

I still have this outfit and it will fit again. I am not going to kill myself getting there. I am just going to stop trying to give myself heart disease and diabetes and I think it will just happen naturally.
Who's with me?

{insert my/your best war cry here}



  1. I am in the same boat! Last year I lost a bunch of weight but dang winter and all those warm and oozy meals...All my pants are tight again :( I am getting there...lots of vegetables, no refined carbs (sucks) and def no soda. Chocolate is posing a problem though.
    Good luck!!

  2. I'm with ya, girl!! I look back at photos of me from even just the past year and it makes me wonder where I went wrong. I'm also in the same boat with the knees-- after dislocating one a couple of years ago, the other's now feeling just as slippery! I'm finding alternating walking/jogging on the treadmill (more walking than jogging) has helped me so far. Good luck to youuu!! ♥

  3. i feel like i come to this same point about once a month!! then i'm good for a few weeks before yo-yoing back to my fat girl persona.

    my bf and i are on our last day of vacation today so we're planning on starting back on our healthy path tomorrow...HOPING this time it really lasts for good or at least we get skinny fast so we can just get to the maintaining part which should be easy.

    we're also planning to have each saturday as a cheat day...i think it's a good idea to have a cheat day so that we don't feel deprived for a long amount of time and then get to the point where we go back to eating terribly every single day!


  4. My cheat day is most likely going to be the mine and the mister's day off from school and work. Good idea!

    I read on Reader's Digest that fad diets are no bueno and that you should never pick a diet you couldn't stick with for the rest of your life. So I figure, let's take baby steps and work our way back into having a healthy diet and frame of mind. I don't know about you ladies, but the thought of doing ANYTHING cold turkey makes me want chocolate cake. haha

  5. I'm right there! A few months ago I started eating better, looking at portion sizes and not going over board of fun sweets AND exercising. I was making a slow progress but got lazy. Now I'm heavier than I started and frustrated! I'll be back on the ball soon, I just need to get that motivation going. WIshing you luck as you get started!!!

  6. velma-- I started out the same! I was eating less and riding my bike 50 miles a week. I want to blame it on school sooo bad right now, but I can't really justify it. I got lazy too.

  7. I'm right here with you; i'm actually someone who struggles with it more than i could have ever imagined. i recently got to the point that it won't happen no matter how much i ride my bike/roller blade or walk on the treadmill unless i give me a boost and for me, engery pills is taking me where i need to go! i'm not going to pretend i'm losing weight with no help because i am using them but i do not want to depend on them and that is my biggest fear (i hate pills) --it's way too hard and i'm not taking the easy way out, i've tried working out, walking, daily exercise, etc....i blame my post-baby body 6 years later, LOL--my body just isn't the same as when i was in high school and i'm not getting any younger, my metabolism sucks! i'll be sure to follow your success pretty! we can do this! xo


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