Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Healthy eating: week 3

A few days ago I saw a preview for Mary J. Blige's episode of Behind The Music. In the preview she said, "I'm not perfect, but what I am is a work in progress." That really stuck out to me and I thought I'd share it.

I'd like to say that I have a positive self-image but I don't. Thinking of my self as a work in progress does make it easier to not beat the tar out of myself every second of the day. Everyday I'm getting closer to my goal size and I need to stop hoping it will all happen over night. I'm not trying to lose a food baby here, I'm trying to reverse months of horrible eating habits!

So for this week I don't have any yummy smoothie recipes, fun ways to cut up carrots or even a single alternative way to do crunches. All I have to give you my friend is a few words of encouragement.
No one ever stays the same, we change and grown and evolve into whomever we are supposed to be at any given moment in our life. Who you are right now is who you need to be and in 5 minutes you will be 5 minutes older and wiser and ready to take on the next 5 minutes.

So, take a breathe (do it, breathe) and remember that you are changing and always making some sort of progress. How you think, eat and behave determines whether you make progress for the better or are regressing back into bad habits!


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