Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The week so far...

Is is me, or is this week flying?! Chris had a short day at work on Monday so we went to Mazzaro's for lunch. It's a little Italian market with a deli and a bakery.

We had lunch and then went to the International Mall in Tampa. We picked up these pretty ladies at UO.
Later on in the evening we went for a little bike ride and picked up chow at Publix. Mmmm sushi! Look how goofy Chris is! Haha silly...
I also got a google+ invite this week!
Did you see the giveaway I have over at My Girl Thursday? Enter for your chance to be a  proud new mama of these:

There has also been a lot of cat-craziness going on around here! How is your week going?


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  1. Love your blog, so very cute.
    ~Monique (


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