Thursday, July 14, 2011

Getting to know you (and me)

Hooray! Spankin' new idea for a Thursday post! The more we know about ourselves (and others) the easier it is to love ourselves (and others). I figure, if we know more ourselves, then we can come to grips and accept who and what we are a little easier verstehen/verstann/thuiscint? (you get the point) 
Anyhoo, I found this little gem on Pinterest and I thought, "looks fun!" The idea (or as I pronounce it, "idear") is: look at the colors before reading the description. Pick the color you like the best, then tell me if that description matches you. Of, course it won't be accurate for everyone, but I swear the person who made this was spying on  me...

I'm a 'Blossom' through in through. I chose pink, not because it is my favorite color, but because none of the other colors in the palate stuck out to me. Probably because pink is my fav. haha
Anyway, like I said, I wanna know what color you chose and was it accurate? If not, which is the color that is most accurate? Link up your post and let's get to know each other! 



  1. Is it accurate? Does it describe you? or is it all wrong haha

  2. I got persimmon. It was pretty accurate. I am very restless when I'm not going going going.

  3. Persimmon: It was pretty accurate. Especially when it said the restless part. If I'm not going going going, I get very restless.

  4. Persimmon, followed closely by papaya and peacock. definitely accurate on all accounts, esp. persimmon. :)

    "restless yet essentially grounded" that's me :)


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