Saturday, July 23, 2011

Animal Kingdom: part 1 (photo heavy)

Alright! These are some of the pictures I took at Animal Kingdom on Wednesday. I am definitely splitting these up into a few posts. I have another post coming of just animals. Real live animals! 
Pretty, huh? I just realized that I always take more pictures in India than I do in Africa. I will try to do the opposite next time! I guess Disney makes up for a lack of Africa and India at Epcot by devoting a whole park to them at Animal Kingdom. Epcot has a very small outpost for Africa and no India! Anyhoo, stay tuned for part 2!



  1. Do you guys have a pass? I always liked animal kingdom.

  2. Yep! We just renewed our annual passes. They have definitely pay for themselves over the year :)

  3. Fun! It will be fun to see the rest too..thanks for sharing..


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