Monday, July 18, 2011

Fill in the Blanks Monday

1.   I am a (morning, evening, middle of the day person) I'm more of an anytime kinda person, just as long as there is a good enough reason to be.

2.  My favorite Pandora stations are ....Well, I don't actually use Pandora. I prefer the shuffle feature on my old-ass iPod classic.

3.  3 of my "must-have" songs for a road trip playlist are "Supermassive Blackhole" by Muse, anything Christina Aguilera, Madonna or Britney (don't judge).

4.  My favorite pattern is probably everything. Polka dots, stripes, plaid, hounds all depends on the colors I guess.

5.  My favorite perfume is Burberry Brit. Well, any of the Burberry scents. I also love Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy and Paris Hilton (all of them, hush).

6.  Rules are crazy! ...but we do need them to try to keep the weirdos in check.

7.  My most overused phrase or punctuation is just about any "naughty" word you can think of including my fav (I'll be nice because somehow others find this word offensive, it's just a word people...sticks and stones) c**t. Yep, I learned a lot of words in my 8 years in the military. I really like the term "charlie foxtrot." It's a more PC-army way to say cluster-fuck. I could go on, but who wants to read the word 'fuck' all day!? Haha

Have a great effing day and mind your mouth around wee ones!   
Prompts by Lauren


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  1. thank god, i'm not the only one that thinks their are weirdos out there...LOL


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