Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Healthier eating: week 2

HEY! HOW'S EVERYONE'S WEEK GOING!?!??! Sorry for yelling, I'm just so dad-gum excited! You might remember my post a week ago, you know, the one where I said I was getting back on track and eating better? Well, I'm here to report my progress/lack of progress. I've done fairly well... I did run into a few road blocks (Calzone at Little Italy, bad Jenny, bad) but for the most part I've cleaned up my act. I've been munching on more fresh veggies and apples, too! I have always been a water drinker, so replacing pop with more water and tea hasn't been a big deal. I did cheat on that one once though. I had a bottle of coke (real sugar!) at Mazzaro's last week.

I found some links on Stumble that I think are worth having a look at if your going on this journey of healthy weight-loss with me.

Tasty green smoothie (bananas, assorted frozen fruit and spinach. It's really green! I hear kids like it too...I just don't have any to try it out on)
100 weight-loss tips (I found these reasonable, not crazy or the fad-diet type)

1 Minute Peanut Butter Cake (this looks like a yummy treat in a small portion)
4 weeks to a better body (I really think this workout plan is do-able!)

Jog.fm (this site will help you find music to get your arse moving! They cater to runners,walkers and bikers)

I know that fruit is sugary, but I really don't feel bad about gorging on it as long as I'm drinking loads of water and cutting sugar out of other meals. Peanut butter. Eat it. Also, yogurt. If you don't care for regular yogurt try Greek yogurt. It's good, promise. My favorite is plain with a little honey. I've also started adding flax seeds to ...everything! I'll take my omega-3's where I can get them!

Let me take a minute to remind everyone: I don't want to be rail-thin. I'm out to live with a healthier style of eating and fit into a few pairs of jeans a little better. The extra pounds I shed on the way are a bonus!



  1. Sooooo.... did you try that green smoothie?! Just curious how it tastes?! hehe

  2. It's for breakfast tomorrow! I'm sure I will. I'm one of those crunchy granola vegetarians... haha I will report back with my findings!

  3. Yummmmmm! THese look good, I think I'll have to try. I'm trying to be healthy too....



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