Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Anyone there?

Do you have a minute? I need to talk. I'm finding that this last semester in school is one of the hardest. While I'm only taking 9 credits, they feel like the hardest 9 credits of my life.

I can't understand why, they all compliment one another so well. I'm taking 17th-18th century British literature, Late Shakespeare, and the History of Sexuality. They could almost be rolled into one! The two lit class are with the same professor, I've taken classes with her for the last two semesters. I know her style, I know what she's going to throw at me.

This history class is the straw that's breaking this camel's back. I took two history classes for my AA. They didn't cover anything so vast as sexuality and it's influence on history. Right now I should have a general outline of a research paper as well as a list/bibliography of sources.

I don't even have a topic.

The outline and bibliography are due tomorrow evening.

Why did I wait so long to even start? I am very intimidated by the idea of writing a history paper. I've written several research papers for my literature class, so I know the "formula." I'm a wiz at analyzing literature with or without knowledge of the author's intent. So a history paper.... I have to have a question.... a burning desire to know how something effected something else and changed it. The hardest part? Tying in sexuality.

The paper can range in topics anywhere from polyamory to fetishes to LGBTQ to well, anything that involves anything you can even think of that has to do with sex! Agh!

I'm in a pickle, you guys. History is a big part of my beloved literature. In order to understand the relevancy of the words on the page you must first know what was going on at the time they were written. I get that. But how do I take that and apply it to a history paper?

I think what it all comes down to really, is that this is my last semester of college (for now?) and I'm shaking in my boots. What's next? Who knows.

So if you're a history buff, or just generally good with cranking out research papers of different subjects throw me a bone. How should I be thinking about this? I know I'm looking at it all wrong, so how do I look at it right?


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