Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sister Sister

My sister came to visit this weekend. We hadn't seen each other in 2 years and have way too much to catch up on. One weekend is not enough. We went to Taco Bus in St. Pete for dinner on Friday evening and I shared a Mexican coke with my nephew. I missed him so much and I was just so thrilled that he even sort of remembered me that when he slobbered all over the bottle, I didn't mind. My sister of course set the tone of the weekend when she squirted verde sauce all over herself and the table.

Saturday we headed to Tampa for a bit of shopping. We hit Westshore first, then went over to International. My nephew brought along a camera to document the excursion.
We walked into Lush because I always do and also because Cindy had never been in one, much less heard of the store. We found ourselves in the back corner trying to figure out what the heck they were selling hardened blocks of shit for. Well, as it turns out they do not sell hardened blocks of shit. They sell henna and call it "caca." We asked about it and the really sweet sales girl explained the whole bit. We were sold.

(Cindy and I dye our hair red because it feels more natural than what grows out of our heads. I had redder hair when I was little and my natural color is browinsh-red. She's a honey blonde. As red-heads, we stop planets from spinning.)

We bought the Caca Rouge and went to work on it that night. I'll do a post about it because it is too hilarious for this post. Anyhoo, look out for the post when I tell you about 2 girls, 1 bathtub (that was one of our gut-busting jokes). Have a fab Tuesday!


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  1. I love lush products but have been scared of trying their henna/caca. I will be interested in hearing this story! :)

    I also have a daughter who might be moving away and not seeing very often and it made me sigh a little about your nephew remembering you because my daughter has a 3 year old boy and I do not want him to forget his granny! :)



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