Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fur Babies, part 3

Remember a looooong time ago when I introduced my babies to everyone? Well, I never got to part 3-- my no-fur-havin' babies. 
Snappy AKA Snapzilla
Snappy is a big boy. He's an Alligator Snapping Turtle. He's heavy too. He's difficult for Chris to pick up with 2 hands. Snappy used to live inside in a long 50 gallon tank with another turtle, but they didn't get along well. He has an attitude problem and issues with authority figures. Now Snappy has his own pond in the back yard. Trust me it is covered and he cannot escape! He loves goldfish and shrimpand he's about 4 years old with a face only a mother could love. :}
This is Cooty. He's a Carolina Cooter. He's also around 4 years old, but much smaller than his old tank mate. I can easliy pick him up but he doesn't always like it. He has a 50 gallon tank with a turtle topper all to himself. Cooty does yoga. No really. No actually, when he sleeps he sticks one leg straight out. I call it turtle yoga.
Pascal & Delilah
These 2 crazy kids are our veiled chameleons. They aren't bunk mates anymore because I caught them having sex one day. Yep. I'm not ready for grandchildren and they really were getting too old and needed to be separated. They are almost 2 years old and love crickets more than they love me. 

We also have 2 Tokay Geckos (JD and Em) and a Golden Gecko (Goldie). They don't hold still for pictures and they certainly don't smile. 

That's it for our clan, if you missed the last posts these are the links!

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