Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sundae Stroll

I worked today. It's the first Sunday shift I've had in a few weeks. Well, this shift was training for a new denim promotion and I was one of the select few to go through it. Part of the training was to try on a few of the jeans, mostly fits we never wear.
As I was gathering them all up in my size I told everyone, "If you hear me crying in the fitting room, just bring me size 10's." I have size 8's (in fact I'm wearing them right now) that I will only wear with certain shirts. They give me muffin top these days and I don't want anyone to see it, not even my dog (especially not my cats).

Guess who discovered size 8 really does fit as long as she wears the correct style for her body shape? This girl.
I know, I know. Sizes are just numbers, but no one in their right mind will tell you they aren't happy when that number is lower than what they thought it would be.

I actually love the jeans that I tried on today, they were actually a higher rise. Maybe I should step outside my comfort zone more often. Actually I should just stay away from low rise jeans all together. I'm constantly pulling my pants up over my hips and I realized today in the fitting room that I actually gave myself a camel toe. Whoops! Awkward! I hope that hasn't been happening all along or I will be absolutely mortified. Well, not really because I just told you all about it.

...and that's about all the excitement I'm going to see today. I'm going to start working on a research paper and maybe work on my blog design a little. Speaking of, what do you think? I'm learning, be gentle. Anyway, have a fun Sunday! (funday?)

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