Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy 200th Post to me!

This teensy milestone snuck up on me. It may not seem big, but I feel like 200 is a pretty solid number at this point.

I started blogging back in '08 to blow off steam and rant about my then boyfriend. I wrote mostly to get the poisonous thoughts out of my head and the hurt feelings out of my body. I could have kept a journal, sure, but trust me the internet was actually safer. My little blog was so obscure that I knew it was safe from him and I ranted away. I've since taken that blog down because I am rid of that angst and the [insert colorful word] who caused it all.

In late 2010 I began to read a few blogs here and there, but over the holiday break I began to read them more regularly. I also made a twitter account for my cat. I was bored. Then just shortly after the new year, I made my very own WordPress blog. I blogged there until the summer and then moved over to Blogger. That was a big move for me. I was so scared that in the 5 or so minutes it took to import my blog to Blogger that I would lose everything. In the beginning everyone wants to know that they are being heard. They want readers, they want to feel apart of a community. I felt a little isolated being on a different platform, that no one read what I wrote anyway.  I was scared that when I was a little more visible (and had access to GFC) no one would even pay me the time of day anyway. I was wrong. My blog may not be big, but it is successful. By that I mean, I'm getting out of it what I want: a creative outlet. I've learned over the course of the year that the stats don't matter. All that matters is that I am able to express myself. I appreciate everyone who has given me advice and the people who have followed along over the last year. Here are a few of the ladies who have inspired me the most.

Photobucket arts and craft DIY blog


There are more, of course. I would be here all day. I just want to say thank you to everyone who has even looked at my blog long enough to see my header!


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  1. yeah 200!!!!!! I know sometimes it feels like I'm in a vacuum and no one is really reading this but then randomly I get a lovely comment or a new follower... I'm glad we are blog friends and I get a chance to get to know you better here!!


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