Saturday, February 11, 2012

Under Construction

Hey gals (and guys) the blog is under construction today. "But you just gave it a makeover a month ago!" I know, and that helped motivate me to write. The last update did the job, but I've learned a few new tricks and I'm ready to climb to the next level. You see, this blog is an outlet for me. I write a lot for school, sometimes I want to write for school and other times I want to write for myself. I write for myself here. I also view this blog as practice for when I start my book. This blog will also become an escape for when I need a break from my book. So since the blog will be under construction for the day, here are some pictures to looks at!

These photos were taken with a Canon Xsi and a Diana+ 20mm fisheye lens. The fisheye effect isn't prevalent, but the soft toy lens feel is still there. All of these awesome photo layouts and tape bits are from the talented Katrina from Pugly Pixel. I just finished downloading Photoshop yesterday and let's just say I'm a fast learner. Hope you all are having a great weekend (I'm battling the sniffles as I type).


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