Monday, February 6, 2012

Fill in the Blanks Monday

1.   If money wasn't an issue, the first thing I'd cross of my life list is   an extra long vacation to Europe. I want to see England, Spain, Germany, Ireland, Italy, France, you get the idea.   

2.   Walking in mud   is something I like that other people think is weird. (Well, others might actually think it's gross, but I love the squishy/gritty texture of mud.)

3.  If my life were a movie right now, the title would be  Caffeinated Confessions of a Rabid Bookworm. I'm not sure that that's a good title but at this point in my life I think it works. I don't know what I consume more of, words or caffeine.    

4.  Three things I am looking forward to this month are   Valentine's Day    ,    making my notebook for 30 Days of Lists   and   Leap Day. 

5.  My favorite song to sing in the shower is  pretty much every song from Funny Girl (in my best Babs voice, of course).  

6.  If I found out that the production of     Tazo Passion tea    was ending this month, I'd go out and buy as much as I could tomorrow.

7.  One thing I'll never grow tired of is    reading books. I love them so much and I'm pretty big into escapism.  

Prompts by Lauren

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